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  • Member: Ashyukun
  • Studio: Electric Leech Productions
  • Title: Callin' Tokyo
  • Premiered: 2005-04-02
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    • Garth Brooks Callin' Baton Rouge
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  • Comments: Callin' Tokyo is an example of what happens when I just end up with an overload of creative energy and need some outlet to burn it on. It was very literally started on a whim because I needed to work on something or I figured I was going to explode. It was a good choice IMO, because it only required ripping two DVDs and dealing with under 4 hours of footage.

    The basic idea for the video had been conceived some time prior to my beginning to actually work on it in (It started it in late December 2004) while driving around with my iPod set to random. "Callin' Baton Rouge" came up, and as usual my mind tried to lock onto a video idea for the song, and somehow dropped in Whisper of the Heart for the fiddle parts and Omoide Poroporo for the actual lyrical parts. It was an odd mix, but I liked the way it looked in my head enough to try and make it work in reality.

    Unfortunately, it wasn't quite as easy to make as it had been to plot out in my head (something that you'd think I'd be accustomed to by now). The "Country Roads" segment in the middle of Whisper of the Heart just isn't as long as I'd have liked it to be, meaning I needed to do a lot of reversing and a bit of looping of footage to fill up the parts where I wanted fiddle-playing. In the end I ended up using a good bit of the footage of the other instruments as well, because 20 seconds or so of uninterrupted footage of fiddle playing just didn't work. Omoide Poroporo was another matter entirely. Unfortunately, as Disney seems to be in no hurry to release the less action-oriented Ghibli movies, the only copies of these two shows I have on DVD are HK discs (two of the first DVDs I ever picked up, before I even knew what a HK disc was)- and Omoide Poroporo is hard-subbed in Chinese- which is why the cropped aspect ratio is a bit odd. The only way to really work it was just to letterbox out the subs (something I've not had to do since some of my first videos back in the mid-90's). That, and there just aren't enough shots in the 'present' day of the movie for what I wanted as well- though it did of course work out in the end.

    Technically, there are digital effects- but they're largely there to not be seen and improve the footage, so I don't see the point in checking the 'Digital Effects' box. Though the video didn't involve any lip sync, I did try my best to sync up the fiddle playing with the music.

    By and large, this was just supposed to be a fun little video, and I think it did end up that way. For some odd reason I love making videos that are a bit off the wall- and I think it's safe to say there aren't a whole lot of AMVs done to Country songs.

    Recognition: Judges' Favorites, MTAC Go! (2005) AMV Contest

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