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  • Member: Dvl-Jigen
  • Title: Vask's Enemy
  • Premiered: 2005-04-05
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  • Song:
    • Disturbed Enemy
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  • Comments: Ok, this will be my sixth video, to date, I really hope everyone likes it. Its to the song Enemy by a band called Disturbed, really good band by the way, although pretty much anyone who knows about disturbed probably thinks the same as I do about them. I did what I could to fix the video quality, unfortunately Im still using Windows Movie Maker, once I get some extras cash I intend to buy Adobe premier, the copy I had before belonged to a friend & got deleted off my computer along with an enormous amount of other very important files, but I wont get into that here, as I was saying, the video is from the anime known as Trigun, one of the better anime that Ive seen, [Ive seen a lot of crap too, I wont name names, but to the anime Im talking about, you know who you are.] & holy crud I do believe this is the most Ive written for a comments box :P I just ruined my record of keeping it short & sweet I guess :P, but like I said, I really hope you like this video, I had a hell of a time making itooh, & leave an opinion or two, I need to know what Im messing up on :P enjoy, [I promise Ill shut up now.]

    Just letting everyone know, I'm working on a way to fix the name screw up on this vid, (I hate typos:P)

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