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  • Members: Mind Benda, bladezeroX
  • Title: The Prequel
  • Premiered: 2005-04-05
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    • The Crystal Method Calling All Freaks
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  • Comments: Before all the glitz and glamour of the Hado-ken, and the Hado-Sho-Ryu-Ken. Ken and Ryu, were just normal street fighters, and as such had their share of butt whoopings handed to them. So journey with me to the time before they could blast random people away with little to no effort, back when Guile, at the time void of any energy attacks could beat them down with the greatest of ease. You may consider this a prequel of sorts to "Enter: The Dragon" But I felt bad jumping directly into the end of the series without showing the beginning, so that's what this video does, enjoy...or not...who cares.

    A few of the clips and editing decisions were a result of the assistance of another creator, BladeZeroX.

    Don't know if we'll work on another one, but you guys'll be updated if that choice is made, for now, sit back and enjoy the Vid

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