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  • Member: The Wired Knight
  • Studio: Wired Knight Productions
  • Title: Sin
  • Premiered: 2002-11-02
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    • System of a Down Chop Suey!
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  • Comments: I heard this song a long time ago while driving home, I thought it was a great song and decided I HAD to use it for an AMV. So I spent hours on end trying to come up with the perfect anime for it. I thought across many things and realized this song pefectly fits Trigun (from the guitar at the beginning to the Angel motif).

    UPDATE: Finally

    Ok after finally I was able to defeat Macrovision and capture footage for this project. The video is finally done and I'm rather proud of it. I spent 36+ hours editing this video and spent countless amounts of time checking every beat to make sure it was on correctly. Numerous revisions went to this video from beginning to end so it is very different from how I planned but all that much better. What makes this video different from other Trigun videos in my opinion is taht it doesn't focus on Vash. Instead the song is divided up into different people who affected Vash's life in their ways of thinking and beliefs.

    The first few verses go to Knives and how he mocks Vash for his ways and that humanity should be destroyed. The second few go to Legato changing Vash's life and showing him the errors in his way of thinking along with those points in time where Legato had a huge affect on Vash's psyche.
    The last section goes to Wolfwood who was trying to understand Vash and is cursing his own horrible fate in life.

    Interlaced through the song are audio clips from the show (in japanese because I hate the english voices) which I think blend well with the motifs from Trigun and the video itself. Also it makes the video a little more original with the audio clips to convey part of the emotion that the song alone cannot.

    The interlude parts were intersting as this was the most grueling part of working on the video other than beat matching. Trying to get clips that flowwed with the video (I had to alter the speed of some of them) and keep the same emotion the rest of teh video had while beat matching proved difficult. However I think it turned out very well in the end.

    The early verses of teh song come very quickly and are played in a rapid hard beat manner. For these I employed a sort of still motion clip, with one scene cut into a number of still shots each of which held one beat and quickly cut to the next. Thus the video contains its pace for these sections while still telling the story it means to.

    Caution: If you have not seen trigun, then be warned. This video contains TONS of spoilers.

    Special thanks to the following people:
    Xstylus (for telling me about the Sima correcter so I could finally kill Macrovision)
    Anthony Bennett (For pointers and advice for changes)
    Heavenslight (My girlfriend, who gave me feedback and advice and most of all supporting me as my mind gradually decayed while working on this video far too much.)

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