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  • Members (24): mexicanjunior, Ashyukun, Beowulf, BigDude, Castor Troy, Chaos Angel, Dannywilson, Ean, Fluxmeister, FurryCurry, Hakura, Hitori, Machine, NicholasDWolfwood, OmniStrata, Red Wolf, Rozard, The Wired Knight, Vancore, Wonka, Zarxrax, doughboy, dwchang, teknoboy
  • Title: NES Project 2003
  • Premiered: 2003-09-26
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    • Comedy
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    • Drama
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    • Instrumental
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  • Songs:
    • AE Airman WindShear OC remix
    • AE Mega Man 2 - Metal Man - Stainless Steel
    • Ailsean One_Link_to_Rule_them_All
    • AmIEviL Battle Rocks
    • Ayrez Final Fantasy Crystal Rave OverClocked Remix
    • beatdrop Jackal Mounted-Machine Gun Funk
    • bLiNd Temple Trance
    • Chris J. Hampton Super Jungle Brothers
    • d0d0 BIONICBMP OC Remix
    • Disco Dan Mega Man 2 Metalman Goes Clubbing
    • DJ Abjurator USB Mindlink
    • DJ Crono Kono Sekai De
    • DJ Pretzel Amen Reflux
    • endif BARF (VG Mix)
    • Estradasphere Super Mario Bros. 2 SuperBuckJazz
    • Evil Horde Mega Man 2 Evil Horde Heatman
    • Franz Keller Metrotransfunk
    • Fuzz Bomberfuzz
    • Game Music Finland Wizards_Warriors_NES
    • Ghetto Lee Lewis Thou art a DJ
    • Injury Mega Man Circuit Breaker
    • Insomnic Zanac Space Dance
    • JD Harding Mega Man 3 SparkManJD
    • KKInsomniac TheStarMan
    • McVaffe CV2K
    • MIDIman Metroid MegaDance Mix 2002
    • Mr. T with Motoaki F. Burning Heat! (Full Option Mix)
    • Prince Vejita Cutman OC Remix
    • Rayza Tecmo Cup Razors Theme (Guts Mix) OC ReMix
    • Ryce Beetz Ninja Gaiden Floormaster OC Remix
    • Scott Peeples Dream Fighter
    • Techno Gothic Castlevania Vampire Killer
  • Anime:
  • Participation:
    • Anime Weekend Atlanta 9, Anime Weekend Atlanta 9 (2003-09-26)
    • Otakon AMV contest, Otakon AMV contest (2004-01-05)
    • Ohayocon AMV Contest, Ohayocon AMV Contest (2004-01-23)
    • Ushicon AMV Showcase 2004, Ushicon AMV Showcase 2004 (2004-01-30)
    • animecentral AMV Contest, animecentral AMV Contest (2004-05-14)
    • Anime Expo 2004, Anime Expo 2004 (2004-07-02)
    • AnimeFEST 2004, AnimeFEST 2004 (2004-09-03)
  • Comments: What is the NES Project you ask? Well, it's a bunch of anime music videos using old Nintendo Entertainment System remixes from various websites.

    Why you ask? Why effin not!!! Hahahaha!!! :p

    Now for some NES Project backstory...

    Hmmm, let's take a trip back to Anime Weekend Atlanta 2002 for a bit...

    There we are, a group of maybe 10 editors drunkenly watching the 2nd installment of the DDR Project in the VAT room. After watching so many awesome videos grouped together for a cool project, I spurt out in a drunken haze, "Eff this DDR stuff...what we need is some cool Nintendo music videos". I immediately look around and start assigning old NES games to different editors as I see them.

    "Roz! You get Double Dribble!...Wonka! You get 10 Yard Fight!...Carlos! You get Megaman!"

    This probably went on for a few hours until I more than likely passed out in a pool of my own vomit. Little did I know then that someone would take the idea and run with it. :p

    Fast forward a couple of months, when Tim Stair (Fluxmeister) messages me on AIM and we decide to gameplan how we want to make this drunken vision a reality. We spend hours upon hours downloading video game remixes from OCR (, VG Music ( and various P2P locations looking for cool songs to try and build around. We wanted to limit ourselves solely to NES games in order to capture a nostalgic mood, something unique and old school. Mainly though, we just didn't want to be grouped as "just another DDR ripoff". :p

    After selecting a few 100 tracks we thought would make mighty fine music videos, we begin our search for AMV editors and the rest was history. I must say, of the 2 video game projects done so far, this was my favorite because it just had that magic feeling of nostalgia and brought back so many memories of my youth. All 24 editors did an amazing job and I cannot thank them enough for making this project such a great success. Special props to:

    Fluxmeister - For pretty much running the show and pushing out 4 vids on his own, solely because he thought we couldn't even fill a half hour. :p He also handled just about all the technical stuff and let me play Madden 2004 as the deadlines grew nearer and nearer. Hahahaha!!! :p

    Machine - For knocking out multiple vids and helping us with the technical stuff, although your vids still have interlacing issues. Hahahahaha!!! :p

    Castor Troy - For making a couple of real crowd pleasers and eventually helping to run the show on RVG. Also, big thanks for taking care of the NES showing at AX and handling the panel solo. :)

    Zarxrax - For making 2 of the more memorable videos and closing out the show with a bang for us! Your Super Mario Brothers video/collage was a thing of beauty man. :)

    Ok, so now let's fast forward to Anime Weekend Atlanta 2003 and the premiere of this project...

    It went over extremely well with the AWA crowd, they really seemed to get a kick out of the game references especially. Julian's (Beowulf) Contra video I recall had a huge ovation when "teh code" appeared. As the project began, the room was not as full as we had hoped but it began to fill up about 3 vids in. Poor Wonka, his opening vid was the only one not to get applause, the crowd didn't know it was ok to clap quite yet. Hahahaha! :p As the credits rolled and the crowd cheered us on, I don't recall ever being more proud to have been a part of something done as a team. The after showing was especially fun, as all the editors got together for pics and conversation about how it went. Good times indeed... :)

    That's all I can think of at the moment, I'll add whatever Flux has to say about this whenever he wakes up... :p

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