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  • Member: Full Metal Sempai
  • Title: Break,Shake Onizuka
  • Premiered: 2005-04-05
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    • Savage Garden Break me, Shake me
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  • Comments: Ahhhh,GTO.
    My favorite anime after Full Metal Alchemist since it's the best combination of fun with action.

    After having taken the episodes,I immediately decided to make this amv .Unfortunately,after I started it I had to give the two of the 3 dvds to Typhoon Z and as a result I made an amv with just episodes 34-43.
    So it's only natural that it has spoilers!!

    However,the video turned almost perfect although it has subtitles(the last amv with subtitles I have made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    Every beat= fade from white andaction scenes switched with romance/fun scenes of Onizuka,Urumi,Anko,Yoshikawa,Azusa,Tomoko,Vice Principal and all the other crazy people in this anime.Lots of fades and cuts also.
    The episodes in Hokkaido were perfect and provided a good footage.I really liked the relationship between Anko and Yoshikawa on these episodes.
    Enjoy also the beginning(the best I ever made for an amv XD XD XD).

    An error in the description of the amv in the end : Just forget the part about Outro-Gto original ending.A mistake of mine,please forgive me.

    And just for the sake of this fabulous anime,go read the manga(25 volumes).It's way better and continues the story far more than the anime.

    Even if it would be 70+ episodes...

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