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  • Member: Full Metal Sempai
  • Title: Requiem for Evangellion
  • Premiered: 2005-04-04
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    • Requiem for a Dream Soundtrack Main Theme
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  • Comments: My first amv without subtitles.

    After having made some crappy mvs(to which I have spent no more than 2 hours) and a total of 8 really good amvs with subtitles,I've decided to put myself down to the chair in front of my pc and cut all the scenes with subtitles from NGE.

    When a friend of mine sent me the Remastered edition of Neon Genesis,I couldn't resist.Before it,I had seen this fabulous anime in a total crappy quality(just to imagine,5 cds were the whole series with the movies also) and now was the time to strike back.

    Luckily,it didn't take me so much time to cut the scenes with subtitles(it doesn't have a lot) and then I started thinking about the theme of this amv.
    Well,the amv focuses on the efforts of Shinji and the other Eva pilots and their fights with the Angels while it shows us all the problems they had to endure(loneliness,being on the verge of death so many times,etc.) not only the kids but the growns up also(Misato,Kaji,Ritsuko).

    It's a mix of action with drama,fights followed by silence and dramatic scenes and an ending that shows us that everyone must decide for himself in this unfair world.

    I couldn't imagine a song that would fit better with Evangelion.Requiem for a Dream is for me one of the best songs without lyrics,just the soft sense of music.

    When the video begins,rise the volume since the scenes change from one to another acoording to the beats which are not easily heard in the beginning because it is very low.That's for the first 15-20 seconds only.After that,everything is okay.

    Enjoy the amv and please leave any opinions(even though there are so many NGE mvs).

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