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  • Member: SacredArrow18
  • Title: CeresCelestialLegend-FeelForYou
  • Premiered: 2005-04-04
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    • Nightwish Feel for you
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  • Comments: (THE START OF MY NEW EDITING BACK IN 05, BUT NEWER VIDEOS UP TO DATE ARE BETTER THAN THIS VIDEO THROUGH WITH MY UTENA-NOIR VIDEO)Hello all. This mv I had finished on 4-3-05, which was sunday. It took me only one week which was my spring break to finish this mv(my spring break is over...wahhh, but oh well). I had alot of problems on the way but I managed to get the mv right. Sorry but I don't have this mv as 720X480 because I couldn't save it with it having a small filesize. So I made this mv be 480X320 which is still big enough to put in fullscreen, the only little problem is that a few scenes will be alittle fuzzy. I had to save this mv several times choosing different settings to make the filesize be small. I managed to have the filesize be 81.0mb. So thats good. I was going to see if I can make the filesize be smaller but 81.0mb is fine I guess.
    I have used effects in this one, you just have to watch it to see what effects I used. ^.~
    Well thats all I have to say.
    Enjoy the video.
    You'll be amazed.

    This mv is coded with Xvid. So You would have to have Xvid or Divx to be able to play this video, but you might need both of these codecs to be able to play this video. I advise that you have to have both to play the video.

    *~*This new mv has my username at the end of the mv and my sn in ( ) so now you all won't be confused anymore.*~*

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