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  • Member: Taruto!
  • Title: Summer Vacation
  • Premiered: 2005-04-03
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  • Song:
    • Vitamin C Vacation
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  • Comments: Title: Summer Vacation
    Series: Pita-Ten
    Song: Vacation by Vitamin C (custom shortened version)
    Spoilers: None

    This was a completely random idea I had and decided to work on! Strange really, all the ideas I've seriously thought out have never ever worked out, but this one.. is different. This certainly seemed to work pretty well, considering the fact it's a pretty happy and bouncy song put to a pretty happy and bouncy series.

    The song is pretty fast compared to anything else I've "worked with", so I tried to leave all the really long fades and transitions out of the faster parts. I did keep some shorter fades in the video, but a lot of it was simple cutting and shifting to sections without any transitions.

    I repeated clips at the very start of the video before the first verse begins because I thought it gave it a playful effect to the video (that and the fact it was hard finding clips that seemed fitting for the first time, nevermind 4 times), and it seemed to fit with the repetition of the starting beats and lines regardless.

    There is some lipsyncing in the video, but not much. Most of it is simply the "let's go" line repeated throughout the song, and small parts dotted throughout the video. I didn't try to include very much because it took away the "fun" factor to the video. I do realise that a lot of the clips with characters talking in them is offputting since I didn't use lipsync at those parts, but whatever XD It can't be helped.

    The ending was quite rushed due to problems with the files (since it wouldn't save and I couldn't see what the timing was like, mainly), but I think it turned out okay. ^^;

    Video/Audio Notes:
    The footage was taken from the 7th japanese dvd, and is completely from episode 18 of the series. I was thinking of taking clips from other episodes for the "slower" parts of the song, but realised that before and after the main section of the episode was fine for it.
    As for the song, I found out my sister's old "Pokémon: the First Movie" album and ripped it straight from it.

    The footage might dither a bit from here to there, mainly because it was ripped (XviD), re-encoded in a format that suits Premiere (DivX). Sadly, it had to be re-encoded TWICE after that due to AdAware removing GAIN adservers, voiding the version of DivX I had, requiring a re-save and then of course, needing saving at the very end of the video.
    Nothing seemed to run to plan though, since the newly-created DivX clips lacked in quality and weren't working either! So, sadly, I had to resort to MPG files - much larger, but much less quality. I tried to keep the majority of the quality by encoding at a much higher quality than I usually do, but it still ended up with a much lower-quality clip than what the DivX clips were all along! Then I had to re-compress the finished amv since it turned out to be over 70mb, which, in my opinion, is just MAD.
    (Oh damn. This means all my other amv projects are void too now, doesn't it?! D: !!)

    Since I only used episode 18, it was hard to find clips that were suiting for each part of the video without repeating the longer and more important clips over and over.

    Completion Log:
    20th March, 2005 - started work, spent roughly 7 hours working (incl. gaining footage and selecting clips). Approximately 75% of video complete.

    21st March, 2005 - continued working on the video. Got approximately 80% of the video complete.

    3rd April, 2005 - finally got back to work after plotting what to do for the end of the video. I finally finished the video and then encountered the problem with the encoder, which then forced me into re-encoding and then re-saving a number of times before it worked (I knew that me finishing a video in such a small space of time at such a quality was too good to be true =_=). Finally got it 100% complete, and then posted it online.

    Software Used:
    - DVD2DivX - ripping and encoding the footage
    - CDex - ripping and encoding the audio
    - VirtualDub - cutting and re-encoding the video, getting the title audio
    - TMPGEnc - re-encoding the footage as .mpeg files
    - Adobe Photoshop 7.0 - title & ending screens
    - Adobe Premiere 6.5 - all other editing and working, including b&w scenes.

    To play this video, you'll need DivX or XviD, depending on which you download. If there are any problems (even if you have the encoder installed), please let me know in any way possible, and I'll try to fix it for you!

    The uploaded version is:
    Local Link: higher quality DivX file - approx. 70mb

    I recently had to delete the smaller versions of the file due to constant opening of the file through a media player. I might re-upload it in future, but it burned over 3GB in 7 days which is ridiculous when I share my domain and am using constant bandwidth that isn't strictly mine.

    Thanks to:
    You, the viewer, for watching! If you like/hate/want to give comments on my video, please leave a review to let me know!

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