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  • Member: TobinHood
  • Studio: Sakkaku Studios
  • Title: Requiem for the Innocent
  • Premiered: 2002-03-16
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    • Kamelot Requiem for the Innocent
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  • Comments: With the success of Ballad of Fallen Angels, I decided to make another Dramatic Action video. this time I focused more on the action and told the story of a fued.

    The anime I used was X because I though the song went perfectly with Kamui's character. I only recently started listening to kamelot's stuff and I must say, they are a talented band.

    Anyway, back to the story the video tells. It starts off with Kamui and Fuma, who are old friends, becoming enemies. Kamui seeing Fuma in the fire brings a flashback sequence of his mother burning to death. In turn this causes Kamui's anger to rise to levels where he cares not about Fuma anymore. This leads to the battles they encounter eachother in during the choruses and eventually leads to fuma becoming so malicious towards Kamui that he kills Kotori (his own sister) and the woman Kamui loves. When the final battle rages we see Kamui overcome the evil possessing Fuma but torn apart because of the loss of his friend. No other characters of X are introduced in this video. I strictly wanted to focus on making the video a rivalry and not really stick with X's story. Some scenes I used are from fights where Fuma battles other people but the other people are not visible so it creates the image that he is fighting Kamui.

    Please enjoy the video and leave feedback.

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