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  • Member: Kurayami-san
  • Title: If you broke the Silence
  • Premiered: 2005-03-30
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    • Angelic Can't keep me silent
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  • Comments: Number 13 total and my 3rd video with X/1999. I didn't plan to make a X/1999-AMV, especially not one which features Hinoto that much, but now see, what I've done... Again, X. Until now it's been the only series I'd used more than once for an AMV. And everytime I made a X/1999-video it meant something special to me. So what'ts about this one?
    1.) It's the first video I'm willing to let take part at a contest. Not because I've improved soooo much from my former work, but because I feel like it
    2.) It's the first video to a Trance-song. It's usually not my cup of music, but since my brother listens to it all the day, I cannot withdraw from influences. This song was a nice influence, though. A lovely piece, which fits perfectly to Hinoto.
    3.) Here I actually start to combine more artistic effects with usual Action Sync skills. Both aren't perfect yet, but I'm working hard on it - I swear ^^.

    Please keep in mind that you need DivX to watch this video and don't forget I'm always happy when I see someone left me an opinion. ^^

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