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  • Member: ewokmaster
  • Title: Anime Sexual Harassment
  • Premiered: 2005-03-29
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  • Songs:
    • Sexual Harassment People Sexual Harassment Video Audio
    • south park Sexual Harassment Panda
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  • Comments: Parental Advisory: The following contains some naughty words...and some naughty ideas. Parents and the faint of butt are cautioned.

    Ahhhh wow....this is definitely my proudest accomplishment. A video everyone in my dorm is wild over, and even my family also. I finally completed it after lots of stress and confusion. What else is there to say? After enjoying the "Sexual Harassment Video" that's been on the net for a while, I decided late one night to put its audio to anime. The video had always been a favorite around the dorm for a while, and the audio itself is definitely just as awesome set to anime....taken out of context of course. The original non-anime vid can be found at . And, to top off the video, we have the great South Park classic, Sexual Harassment Panda. So I hope you all enjoy it... and maybe, just maybe, this will get me recognized on the org ;-)

    Creator's Favorite Moment: All of it.

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