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  • Member: Lockstock
  • Studio: Epical Studios
  • Title: Sasuke - Ashita
  • Premiered: 2005-03-27
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    • SR-71 Tomorrow
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    Winner of Best Action AMV, AVcon (AV Connection, Adelaide) AMV competition

    Well a certain person has been bugging me for awhile to make AMV's directed around specific character(s) rather then just lots of little random bits of many different characters trying to get a specific theme across. This AMV is a piece that I am very proud of because it has lots of complicated transactions in it that in my opinion look really nice :) but then again it'll be up to you to whether u like or dislike what I have done with this AMV. The Video Source may be Naruto however I have based this AMV primarily around the character Uchiha Sasuke. I quite enjoyed the story arcs surrounding him and this song that I have used, "Tomorrow" by SR-71 is a great song to go with the story behind Sasuke. The "someone else" lyrics sync well with Sasuke's brother Itachi. Now to go along with the so called "corny" feel of the trailer similar techniques have been used for the introduction to this vid, hehe. For those of you wondering what Ashita means it's Japanese for Tomorrow...

    prononced A-Shi-Ta

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