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  • Member: Majin Steve87
  • Studio: Shameless AMV Studios
  • Title: The Ultimate AMV Of Unfinished Buisness
  • Premiered: 2005-03-28
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  • Songs:
    • Apocalyptica Path
    • Daft Punk Aerodynamic
    • John Williams Duel Of Fates
    • Mindless Self Indulgence Hail Satan
    • Mindless Self Indulgence Rip Off
    • Mushroomhead Eternal
    • Mushroomhead Sun Doesn't Rise
    • Mushroomhead The War Inside
    • Nightwish Nemo
    • Public Domain Rock Da Funky Beats
    • Reveille Look at me now
    • Reveille modified lie
    • Rob Zombie Reload
    • Verve Bittersweet Symphony
  • Anime:
  • Comments: puh....this is my first "AMV" after as period of 1 year!
    Well this is basically a lil video that shows everything i've done in that year.
    So before i am goin to write sumthing about the single parts of it i'd like to tell you that if you wanna submit me an opinion plz be so kind and rate the single parts of it and not how it is put together cuz i think the single parts are the entertaiment so...think of it thanks!


    Look At Boo Now2: Well the main idea was to remaster my old amv Look At Boo Now which was pretty popular to the ppl.I choosed the same saga of DragonballZ as i did in the first part of it.This time i concentrated more on the single beats to time on and not as i did in LABN1 on the guitar riffs.
    I think i edited around 1 hour on this one so in my op i turned out good but i dunno i didn't felt like finishing it after all.

    Aerodynamics:Man this one was a video which came right out of the blue into my mind!Me and my dde were havin a LAN and i had the idea to make sumthing like an iron chef or so well he gave me the song aerodynamics and i was pretty fine with it!I edited it pretty fast with lots of effects and a cool timing.The only problem i had was that my Street Fighter2 The Animated Movie isn't really in great quality so that part has a huge lag in quality.This one was also supposed to be my first amv for 12th Illusion Studio and i have to say i really had a lot of fun while editing this one!
    It took me around 3 hours to edit i guess.

    A-R Intro(Anime-Rulez) this one was fun to edit!I was thinking one day that it would be cool if i'd have a lil intro for my videos and for the site i work on.Well after a few days of thinkin this lil idea came into my mind.I choosed the song Modiefied Lie becuz i just love that song man it is so great to time and i indeed had a lot of fun doin this lil amv!
    Well I am not really sure about the editing time i spent on this one i guess it was around an hour.

    Path:Puh...I don't really know how this one came into my was like i was sitting in front of my pc and i was chattin and suddenly i got the idea..hey why don't u do a lil amv to Path by Apocalyptica?? i sat down and edited half an hour i think and well the result was ok but really nothing special so i decided not to finish it lol

    Demo: Oh sweet man i just love the song and i love the anime!This one was never really supposed to become a real amv.I was chatting with my a dude of mine and he was workin on a video to the song "Sun Doesn't Rise" by Mushroomhead.Well i kinda dissliked his timing there because it sum lags in it so i decided to do a lil part of the song to show him on which way i would time it...well yeah wut can i say more?it was a nice lil editing time and the result was pretty satisfying.

    NoName:hehe this one was actually pretty funny to edit since the song in the intro is so cool.When i was listening to that song the first time i thought damn wut kinda shit is this but then after a while i thought it would be cool for a lil intro for my next amv and damn the song just suits the drivin license of Goku and Piccolo so well that i had to take that one!The part after that was supposed to be the real amv i used the song "The War Inside" by Mushroomhead since it was fast and i kinda liked it to time such a fast lol

    Satanic SSJ4:Hehehe this one was cool to edit also!I had a lot of fun matching the beats of that song and i've to say damn it Mindless Self Indulgence is so cool to proof your timing just awesome!I used DBGT which i forgot to list up in the video description so..sorry for that^^

    Nemo Berserk:Yeah this one was an idea i am still thinking of finishing it because i just love the song and the anime but i guess i found a new song for the anime anyways so...Well wut can i say bout this amv?I tried a new editing style which wasn't supposed to seizure it was more supposed to touch the emotion of the viewer with sum lil effects and a playin with the clip selection.I've to say i really liked editing this one cuz the song was kinda easy and i had a huge amount of ideas in my mind for this on.
    Eh..sumhow i canceled it don't ask me why i guess it was because i got another idea in mind or so...

    Rock Da Freak:Yeah man this one was absolutely fun to edit!I loved the song it was so freaky that i couldn't do anything else than to use FLCL!Damn those two things matched together perfectly!I had many many ideas for this amv i worked with sum "effects" and i was more concentrated on the actual editing than the timing!It was as i said pretty cool and i might do another one like this with one difference ...this time i hopefully will finish it heh.

    Eternal:Puh...this one was close to be finished by myself.I liked this one a lot!The timing was great and i had sum nice ideas in mind for this one.I don't really know why i exactly canceled it i just know that i kinda got bored of the song and i had also another video in mind which i wanted to do more so...

    Numb:Uh this one has got a totally different editing style than any of my others!!I used a lot of effects and a very very smooth editing!I like this one a lot and i will finish it for sure!this one was also supposed to be a tribute to my best friend SSJVegeta17 because he sadly quit doing amv's well anyways bro i hope you'll like it ;)

    FuckOff:Damn man this one a hell lot of fun to edit!I practiced my timing and all that things damn it just turned out so great that i am really kinda sad that i didn't finished it..well i am goin to do a new naruto amv soon so every one who likes this will love that other one ;)

    Reload: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiii damn it this is absolutely my prefered thing i've ever done till yet!!Damn the timing is so sweet and the effects match into the video so great!So this is the top of everything!Damn it plz enjoy this one so much how i enjoyed doing it!It is just so nice!

    So guys this was it!I hope you'll like this amv and plz think bout wut i said before!Plz do me and everyone else the favour and rate the single parts of it and not how they're matched together that would be very kind of ya!
    So I think you can see a big improvement since I released Paranoid and i hope this one will be liked be the ppl here on the site!
    So everyone download it and enjoy!!;)


    Majin Steve87

    *opinions are greatly appreciated*

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