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  • Member: SacredArrow18
  • Title: EscaflowneTheMovie-TheFinalFight
  • Premiered: 2005-03-26
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    • Rob Duncan TheFinalFight(BTVS Radio Sunnydale OST)
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  • Comments: (OLD VIDEO:DOESNT REFLECT ON MY NEW EDITING SKILLS)This mv is of the Escaflowne Movie. I thought this song would go well with the movie. I had finished this music video on 6-17-04, which was last year.Well thats pretty much all I have to say about this mv. It doesn't really have a tribute, it's just kind of like a trailer to me when I had made it, but not really.

    thing that is important for you to know when you download my music videos is that-------------------------------
    *~*~*~*Just so you know when any one of you that download my mvs, the end of my music videos I have my different sn's on them. my one sn XIXSailorMoonXIX(this mv has my other sn instead of the one I have here) that I have at the end my clips I don't have that sn anymore so I am just telling you this so you know that it is me that had made the mvs instead of thinking that i just put someone else's music videos on the site. and I also have other music videos at the end with my two different sns that I have now as well. I just wanted to make that clear to all of you so you don't think the mvs are someone elses*~*~*~*

    In the future I am thinking of starting to put my username that I have on this site at the end of my music videos from now on and putting my sn underneath my username. so nobody gets confused.

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