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  • Member: batmanMG
  • Studio: Batcave Studio
  • Title: Give it up for Lord Canti
  • Premiered: 2005-03-26
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  • Song:
    • Red Hot Chili Peppers Can't Stop
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  • Comments: If you are the 300th person to watch my video you get a free op on yours and if you haven't made any then it goes to the next person who does. Theres only 5 to go so if you've made a vid and you're going to download this vid, pm me for your free op.

    Hot new vid focusing on lord canti. I don't see many vids focus on just him sooooo I spent 40 days making one. And that is how this vid was born.

    You will be very surprized to see how i decied to put this thing together to the rambling goodness of Red Hot Chili Peppers.

    I spent pretty much all my efforts on timing with the cuts and some of the action threwout the entire vid. Some sequences were too fast to see well at times. It took alot to cut about 520 clips and then figure out what beats to put them to so i would be able to fit all the parts in when and where i wanted.

    Any effect was done in virtual dub mod becuase i didn't know how to use premiers effects.

    The cropping and resizing was a good turn out at 0:52 and 2:58. The quality wasn't that good to start with so making it fit in after inlarging it was a bitch.

    2:02-2:23 and 3:23-3:26 The first one I really like how they don't clash and you don't get confused as to what your seeing, hopefully. The second was a dramatic transition to the end sequence.

    The flash frames and black frames at 1:47-1:48 and 1:50-1:51 were used to give a slide show effect. Its very small but it'll always stick out to me.

    My fav part was the opening secuence. Not just becuase it looks nice but becuase i did it twice and made it work. One detail you wont notice unless you look at it in slow motion or frame by frame it that the black and white it a frame behind the color. It gave the end product a much better effect.

    It also is a symbolic reference. Black and white = plain boring like nauta says, then vespa woman shows up a bit of color has faded in. By the time a robot pops out of his head you get full color.

    The scene with him at the van 0:52 seemed not to be in sync even though it is becuase the thing as a whole changes to fast.

    The flash with conti on top of the school 0:59 looks like it is ill timed with the symbol crash but its not suposed to be synced to that. It and the folowing sequence is synced to the aaaaaaa aaaa aaaaaa vocals in the background. I like it but some may think that isn't the way it belongs.

    the blur where canti holds up the mirror at 3:12 seems a little out of place but it is worth it becuase the outlines got horozontally bared and the bars moved and it was all i could look at and it drove me insane. Pant, pant. Needless to say...

    It pains me dearly that the capture quality of it all didn't turn out better but Ces la vie. I originaly wanted to make its quality perfect but i knew that it would become an obsession and would have taken away from my efforts on the vid. And since i wasn't that experienced i ended up using render files and exports as my source footage. I'll try fixing this after im done the sequil.

    The end part 4:16:4:24 was very slow. There were more scene put in one long fade but they didn't work with eachother their placement or the tone of the music so i took a lesser sacrifice and removed them. Another reason it slows down so much is becuase i wanted to give that feeling of being lunged into the water after going down a huge water slide. Tons of insanity followed by a splash and then your almost motionless untill the last seconds when you pop out of the water and then its over. I still need to work on the splash though.

    my last bash isn't part of the vid but the credits the two green bars just didn't want to stay aligned through the export. That and it seemed supurflous to have a title saying song: above the song name at the time. But i guess for the sake of conformity i should have put it in there.

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