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  • Members: Turankusu, KingDavid
  • Title: Let It Go - Remake
  • Premiered: 2005-03-25
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    • Megumi Hayashibara Just be conscious
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  • Comments: Hehe, I told you one will be up a VERY soon. Anyway, here we are, the second version of what was a tribute and collaboration of the first version; Let It Go. This one is a much more better introduction, action sync, and possibly quality. I managed to actually do this vid mostly on my own, though still a good collaboration with KingDavid since he mostly made the first one months ago.

    It shows, again, Gohan's true hidden strength within himself, and throughout his childhood life he's shown highlighted moments that he was indeed stronger than his father. Now at height of his life against Cell, going Super Saiyan II only alternates his strength, honor and his father. This should be more efficient to the once very old favorite music video of mine from Ginga GIRI GIRI, hopefully you guys catch the familiaralities of this vid.

    And yes again, it's a gift and tribute to a good friend of mine Stevie, who once used to RP Son Gohan. Heh now he can go and brag on to how cool this vid actually makes him. Leave opinions please.

    ~ Torankusu, King David

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