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  • Member: AthenAltena
  • Studio: Umi no Bara Productions
  • Title: Ashitaka and San-Touched
  • Premiered: 2005-03-23
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  • Song:
    • Vast Touched
  • Anime:
  • Comments: The story behind this one is simple: I was scratching my head for ideas, and went through some of the older AMVs I have on my hardrive. One, "Noir-Toched" by bailz66 (which is a very good Noir AMV, by the way), happend to play, and then it hit me. The song fit one of my all time favorite movies, Princess Mononoke, really well. So this was born.

    This took one very very long night to complete, and proved to me that you can still get an A on an algebra test with 4 hours of sleep. I tried to time what was happening on screen to the music, since it starts out slow and gets more intense towards the end. The video quality was sketchy in spots, but it didn't seem to be too big a problem in the final version. There's a lot of layering near the beginning, but I cut down on it near the end.

    Lastly, Hiyao Miyazaki is a genius, and I claim no ownership to his characters, ideas, or romances he created. Princess Mononoke makes my heart ache and warm whenever I watch it, and this is my tribute to the couple that breaks and warms my heart every time.

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