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  • Member: Mysteria388
  • Title: FAKE's Gravity
  • Premiered: 2005-03-23
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    • Enigma Gravity of Love
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  • Comments: This is the first video I have made for this site. I hope you enjoy it. Forgive the subtitles. I tried to make them enhance the video the best that I could. It is about the relationship Ryo and Dee have in the shounen-ai movie FAKE. Keep in mind that this video is considered to have yaoi and shounen-ai themes. If the sight of two men kissing each other alot offends you in any way shape or form, don't download the AMV! You have been warned. If you like the video please feel free to contact me and tell me how much or if you have constructive critiscisms, I will take that too. WARNING: there may be spoilers and a bit of blood in this AMV so if you haven't seen the movie, or can't stand even a bit of violence, again, be warned and don't download my AMV. Thank you.

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