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  • Member: DJ Jaime
  • Studio: DJ Jaime´s Productions
  • Title: Chronicles Of My Life [Part I]
  • Premiered: 2005-03-22
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  • Song:
    • Simple Plan Perfect World
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  • Comments: *Personal Comments:
    Yay! Here's my new video! I started editing it after my computer was formatted like a month ago, and I quite enjoyed it since I had a faster computer, and my premiere could also import XVID compressed files.

    I got this idea when I heard this song at the CD Store, at that time I was still editing my first video with Premiere... Later on, I decided to buy Simple Plan's CD just for this song (Uh, and some other songs =P). When I started editing this video they weren't any videos with this song around, so I guess it's original.

    This is my second time with Premiere and I think I did a good keyframing job at the beggining. This time I had more confidence and I also worked faster.

    *Comments about the video:
    The video is about Gohan, and how much he hates Goku... During most of the video you'll see an angry Gohan who hates his father and himself, A Gohan who prefers Picoro rather than his own father... And a Happy Goku which apparently runs away although he just wants to do the best for Gohan.

    This is basically because Gohan feels rejected, also at the end you'll see that Gohan recognizes that he needs Goku, then we see the scenes in which Goku sacrificed for Gohan, and then Goku fades away leaving Gohan alone... But apparently, at the end, Gohan still can't understand what Goku did and still hates him.

    There's also a scene that I tried to make it seem like Gohan hugs Goku, then Goku smiles again and then he tells Gohan to go...

    This is a two part project that I intend to continue in the future, and well, this is the first part (In which Gohan hates Goku.)

    Pay attention to the lyrics, and Enjoy the video, Also, If you're gonna judge the Video and Audio Quality, please download the "Local" Version since it has a better quality.

    PS, Your commets would be really appreciated.

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