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  • Member: JenCM18
  • Title: Escaflowne-1stp Klosr
  • Premiered: 2003-11-15
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    • Linkin Park 1Stp Klosr
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  • Comments: My 30th music video I have made ^_^ To the song "One step closer" by linkin park as you can see. Its the remix one from the reanimation cd. I thought the remix to go really well with escaflowne so of course I had to make a music video!!! and I know some of you are oh god not another linkin park song!! ahhh!! lol

    It flows nicely with the music and lyrics. Only effects used are transparency, cuts, and fades which I use a lot in my videos. For lip sync theres only one part where it looks like Van is saying "I'm about to break" [towards the end]. lol. I didn't intend to do that it just came out that way and I think its kewl. Maybe I could of done that throughout the video. But oh well I still like this video very much and I hope everyone else who will download it will.

    I'm maybe thinking about remaking this mv and of course make the resolution bigger and make it even better than this one. lol. I think lately now that I'm actually able to make bigger resolution music videos I have been getting a lot better in editing and using more effects^_^

    Soooo again I hope you will enjoy the mv!!

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