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  • Member: Poetic_Kaos
  • Studio: Embryonic Productions
  • Title: "Bandage Your Soul"
  • Premiered: 2005-03-21
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  • Song:
    • 8mm Give It Up
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  • Comments: To be entranced was what I was aiming for when I started this project. The song just conveyed certain smoothness that I find very hypnotic. I certainly feel the strongest point of this video is the uniqueness it possesses. Iíve, seen more than 400 AMVs (I know some of you have seen thousands). So I have a good idea what has been done before. Prepare for somethingÖdifferent.

    Plot: There is a certain freedom when you are trying to express a mood, as opposed to a straightforward story. Nevertheless, the scheme is still easy to follow. I basically explored the relationship between Lafiel and Jinto. Thus the video possess a little bit of everything, action, romance, sentiment, and drama.

    There are spoilers, but judging from the number of Crest of the Stars videos. I would say if you havenít seen it yet. Then it is not likely you will see it later. So, knowing a few plot twists wonít hurt.

    Effects: More than half of the video was edited in After Effects. The effects are extensive, in a way the video could be considered an effects show. Many of the effects are obvious, then there are those if you notice than I did it wrong. The effects, however, where not designed to stand-alone. I wanted then to be part of the video and not the video. Everything, just like the plot revolves around an indescribable chilled sensation, if that makes sense.

    Music: I really like 8mm. The group falls under the Trip-Hop category of Electronica. I know that may turn some of you off, but it is likely you have never heard of Trip-Hop before. So, why not give it a chance. You can always download a Linkin Park video later.

    Capture: Yes it is in WMV. Why? That is a long story. Quality wise it is easily as good as most divx/xvid encodes. WMV is not a bad codec, it just gets a bad reputation because most people who use it canít edit (I can). This was not made in WMM.

    Donít you give it up for me
    Donít you open up your soul
    And drown in your misery
    We all know you donít want help
    You want some company
    Donít you give it up for me

    Just how long can you bleed?
    Just how long do you need?
    Just how long can you bleed?

    Donít you give it up for me
    Bandage up your palms again
    No one can see the blood but you
    Wonít you get up of your knees?
    Itís time to run
    Donít you give it up for me


    You canít say
    Cuz youíre so afraid
    That all that you have
    Is all you deserve
    Youíre so afraid
    All that you have
    Is all that you deserve

    Maybe it isÖ
    It is

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