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  • Members: gangstaj8, brightshadowsky
  • Studio: Flying Frog
  • Title: Anime In Black
  • Premiered: 2005-03-20
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    • Will Smith Men In Black
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  • Comments: O.K., so it's not the first MIB trailer. I'll say that it may not even be the best. But it's still pretty dang good, even if I am biased.

    It is, in fact, a MIB trailer, but most of the audio came straight from Will Smith's "Men In Black" music video, before he starts singing. The featured characters are Jet Black as Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones), and Vash the Stampede as Agent J (Will Smith). It is short and sweet, and I hope you enjoy it.

    Technical Notes:
    Well, this has been a huge project for me. I started it in early December and have finally finished in mid March. With some rough calculations, I've worked approximately 70 to 80 hours on this overall. My ingenious Wife (brightshadowsky) also spent several hours building and editing some of the backgrounds, along with teaching me Photoshop, and providing me with an artist's viewpoint to help bring seperate aspects of the video together. Most of this video is a frame by frame edit done between Photoshop and Premiere, with lots of green screen. The most complicated scene is the star field near the end, which involves 6 different layers of video. It ended up being easier and faster to build this scene from scratch than to edit each of the 400 frames in the original source, but it was still quite complicated. Anyway, hope you like it!

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