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  • Member: Turankusu
  • Title: Apocalypse
  • Premiered: 2005-03-15
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    • E.S. Posthumus Pompeii
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  • Comments: Well, I'm just going to tell you about this video, it's actually the very first ATTEMPTED video I started. Carol Of The Super Saiyan ws only the first to be finished, but not first created. I started on this video just a few months back, it took mostly that long because of a few reasons. The song was rather difficult for a first, it was about a whole saga, I'm sorta a perfectionist so if I don't like it I go back to editing, and I was just lazy a few times and in need of clips to continue.

    But anyways about the video, it's about the whole Buu Saga, and what I'm trying to show is that it's the only saga where the Z warriors had much a difficult time in defeating this evil being. Buu being the first villain to actually destroy the human race, and also destroy the planet while at it. Thus where the name Apocalypse comes from. I tried showing just how sinister they really were, especially even Fat Buu not showing an innocent side at all.

    One of the more negative sides of this vid, which I know you people may really notice, is the introduction of the vid and from where Fat Buu starts beating up the Supreme Kai. I don't really like them at all, but don't feel like fixing them, those two are my only regrets. But on the positive note, the whole vid itself is very good, and sort of hard for a first vid of mine. The more I went through the vid the more I experienced in the effects, and most likely timing.

    So now without further much to say, here it is, my VERY first video attempted to create and yet third to have finished. I know what you're wondering, why so long...well, I told you the reasons, so here you go. Other than the introduction and from 43 seconds through 53 seconds, this is a very good video and good to watch. Please leave opinions, very appreciated. Thanks.

    ~ Torankusu

    P.S. And again, NOT trying to copy Eternal Damnation. It has its own theme, I have mine. Most possibly the first thing you think of when hearing this song is Eternal Damnation, is because you never heard this song before seeing that video.

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