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  • Member: Silanthos
  • Studio: Chibi Gendo Productions
  • Title: Miaka's Favorite Pasttime
  • Premiered: 2001-10-09
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    • DDR 3rd Mix So Many Men
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  • Comments: This was the 19th track of the DDR project. I had little to choose from when I signed onto the project, but this one really shined. I had first planned something with Slayers, but then I got to thinking. I\'d seen most of Fushigi Yuugi a few years prior, and quite a bit of it stuck out in my head. I decided it was the best series with which to make the video. I borrowed the DVDs from a friend of mine, spent one Saturday logging all the shots, and the next few months actually making the video.

    When it was all done, I shipped it off to Brad DeMoss, coordinator/creator of the DDR Project, and that was that. AWA 7 rolled around, and the project was a success. I\'ve never danced so much in my life 8-)

    Logged shots with a normal DVD player
    Copied shots I wanted onto VHS
    Used my ATI All in Wonder Pro 128 to capture VHS into my computer
    Adobe Premiere to edit and export.

    Note: Much of the synching in the video is coincidental. I kid you not.

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