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  • Member: thebrainy
  • Studio: thebrainy Inc.
  • Title: AMV You Betcha!
  • Premiered: 2005-03-12
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    • Fargo Trailer
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  • Comments: Best Trailer - Anime Detour (2005)

    I decided to enter another couple of videos to Anime Detour this year, one of which would be a trailer. I figured it would be a good way to get back into editing mode and I have never done a trailer before so it should be fun. After going through a couple of dozen pages of trailers online, I came across a trailer that absolutely most be done for a Minnesota con. I double checked here to make sure no one else had done it before and then went ahead with my obvious solution: To make a Anime Fargo trailer.

    Before beginning I rewatched the Coen brother's Fargo to pick up any details I forgot about. Reviewing it again I was still amazed at how accurate they were and how much attention was paid to detail. I had to make sure to do the same and get the trailer right.

    After deciding on which character I wanted to use for Margie, all the rest of the characters from the series fell into place. I did get a little too involved with details; making a Vikings poster for the background is fine, making tiny Pabst Blue Ribbon labels for beer bottles is a little too much. Anyway, if you get bored keep your eyes out for signs and other stuff that I threw in.

    In the end, I probably had more fun doing this video than any of the others I have done. In the future I think I am going to do more short videos and pay a lot of attention to details. Playing around with Photoshop and After Effects is where the fun is anyway.

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