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  • Member: UHK
  • Title: Sophisticated Suicide
  • Premiered: 2002-03-08
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    • Enigma I love you, i'll kill you
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  • Comments: Hideho Folks

    ------} I`m glad to say: this Vid was been requested over 2000 times now! {------
    ------} AND that this Vid is Number 28. on the Lip Sync Scoreboard (03-01-15) {------
    ------} MANY Thanks to all people who downloaded!! And for your Oppinions! {------

    1. I had too much time in Feb. 2002 :))
    and I used more than 1 MONTH of it for this epic drama AMV

    This Vid combines nearly the wohle 1st Season of MagicKnight Rayearth into one AMV
    Please read Manga 1-3 or watch Episode 1-20 FIRST, if you don't want to be spoiled!

    3. I would rate this Video to ages 13 years +

    Short Summary:
    What if there is a world, where everything depends on the state of mind of one person.
    What if that person falls in love, but isn't allowed to.
    And what if that person has no way out, and can't even commit suicide.

    After reading the 3rd Manga of MKR, I was just shocked, about the absolute paradox Plot, and the all out dramatic ending of the season.
    Then seeing it on Memorial DVD Box, made me think that the Relation between Emeraude and Zagato is not stressed out enough, just focusin on the 3 girls evolvin and exploring Cephiro.
    Then I started searching for a song that may fit to the Plot and found:
    "I love you i'll kill you" from Enigma.
    Absolute Paradox and atmospheric Song, with even some great e-guitarre playing.
    And even the lyrics where fitting, so my aim was to do as much lipsync as possible. and the lenght of the Song gave enough space to really review the story.

    It starts right where the series pops in, at Tokyo Tower, and it ends there too!
    It should appear to you, like Emeraude is telling her story, in the Vid, while the 3 MagicKnights are evolving theire skills and weapons, till the revival of the Machines.
    People not knowing the Plot, will not understand some parts, but thats ok, because the story is really complex in these aspects.
    And this is also preventing the Vid to become the absolute spoiler.
    The Titel should give everybody a little hint ...

    Technical Details:
    Source for Footage: MKR Memorial DVD Box 1 , Enigma: Cross of Changes
    ripped with: FlaskMpeg
    Video Codec: DivX 4.12 @ 850 kps
    Resolution: 480 x 360
    Framerate: 29.97 fps
    Audio Codec: LAME 3.91 @ 320 kps

    Personal thoughts:
    People loving the MKR series, like me, will definitely have theire fun watching this AMV (not only once). It's a little big, I know this.
    But I am not the guy cutting the Audio Source, so i tried to fill it all up with the greatest scenes around the Plot, and it made so much fun that I just couldn't stop :))
    And I kept the file around 80 MB, with much better Quality then in my 1st AMV.

    @ last: i would appriciate some feedback

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