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  • Member: illuminon
  • Title: Of Love And War
  • Premiered: 2005-03-11
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    • Coldplay The Scientist
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  • Comments: well its finally 2nd video ^_^ ive actually been planning this one for a while now but havent really taken the time to put it together. but it just so happens that one day i got the "editing fever" that im sure people here can relate to and well....this is the result ^_^

    a few notes to be aware of are that this video contains ***MAJOR SPOILERS*** for the series of saikano...anyone who would like to see the series (and you all should it is very good) and still be surprised by its contents should wait on this vid.

    basically i just wanted to re-tell the story of chise and shuji as best i could...and i felt the song "the scientist" provided the perfect oppurtunity. i used it like it was a narrative and started editing the series together...and i think it turned out pretty well

    one thing to be aware of is that i un-checked the "lip synch" button for review purposes even though some lip-to-lyrics scenes do occur. i did this becasue when i was making the movie i didnt want it to look like the characters where singing to the song...but rather saying what it was saying they where saying (read it a few makes sense o.O). since i wanted the narrative feel in the movie i just depicted them saying the things naturally. like in the scene where shuji is reading the diary and the music says "tell me you love me" and his lips look like they utter the words "love me" but way faster than the song. i just thought it would fit better if he was just saying it to himself and not singing along to the i guess ull have to use ur imagination for those (they make sense in my head anyway ^_^:)

    anyway i hope you enjoy my vid and please, if you feel so inclined, leave an opinion (even if you think its total crap) so i have an idea of what i did right/wrong and stuff like that. so without further rambling...i give you "Of Love And War" a chronicle of saikano....thanks for watching! ^_^

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