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  • Member: StudioKZ
  • Studio: Studio KZ
  • Title: The Greatest Macrossian Hero
  • Premiered: 2000-08-17
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    • Mike Post & Steve Geyer (Sung by Joey Scarbury) The Greatest American Hero Theme Song
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  • Comments: This Video started out as a joke.

    It was the first video I ever did, but not by intent. It started out on May 4 2000, when I decided to put the G200 card I had bought in April into my computer. I hooked up my VCR and grabbed the first non-subtitled Anime that I had on my shelf, which happened to be Macross Plus. Then I grabbed the first sound file that I had in my 'My Documents' folder, which was a sound byte from Sienfeld of George Costanza's Answering Machine, which was a riff on the Greatest American Hero theme(Believe it or Not, George isn't at Home). I laughed enough at it that I decided to go and download the actual theme song from the Greatest American Hero(Believe it or not, I'm walking on Air). The Answering Machine bit was only about ten seconds long though, so I used the actual theme song. I imported it to Avid Cinema then played around with the syncing a little bit.

    I aligned the song with the opening scene from OAV 1 of Macross Plus, which features the three Principal characters as kids. I played around with moving the music back and forth and cutting the video in places when I quite by accident found that the lyrics seemed to sync up really ... I mean REALLY ... well with what was on the screen. (On screen was Isamu and Guld riding their bike-and-sail-plane get up).

    When the like 'Look at what's happened to me' played, Isamu was just beginning to take off in the unlikely contraption. When 'should have been somebody else' played, it showed Guld getting up from his bike accident.(If you are familiar with Mac Plus, they talk about the fact that the sail plane was originally Guld's until Isamu wrecked it)

    All of a sudden I realized that I had an actual video on my hands, and not just a throw-away practice piece. The first half of the video (the flashback sequence) worked out really well, and then I spliced pieces from the second, third and forth OAVs to piece together the second half. (It was a bit harder than I was prepared for).

    The second half seemed to work okay, but lacked a certain 'je ne se quois', so I put it on the back burner while I worked on the video that I originally had wanted to be my first vid(BGC Fuel). After hitting creator's block with that video, I went back to the first, and after showing it to a couple of my friends, I realized I had a hit and decided to run with it.

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