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  • Member: lordsteal
  • Studio: Orbit Media Studios
  • Title: Hero of the Day (Revised)
  • Premiered: 2005-03-08
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    • Matallica Hero of the Day
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  • Comments: This video was sturred up in my mind for about three years. I saw this video years ago and wanted to revise it with better everything. But didn't have anything to do it. This was back in 1999 and I was really new to the scene. Now things are different and I start to revise this classic DBZ video back in July of 2004. Took me awhile because one I have work and school to make priority, also because even thou their is no effects in this video it was very difficult to do. Example: alot of scence had additional frames that I needed to add out from what was in the original video. I think I must have edited out over 3500 frames that were not needed. That took a shit load of time. Mainly because the original capture was made by a horrible capture card that capture not the best quality on video and audio. Plus it distorted the color alot, so when it was sopossed to look normal, it torned a sort of blue/green type color that took up most of the contrast. anyways, the original video was done by a guy named "Majin Planas". This was the only video that I saw of his and it was really big among alot of Old School DBZ Music Video creators like myself, Majin Mebs, Sean, Majin Kewl, Majin Assassin, and much more. So, for them and many others out their I have created this revised version for all of you. ENJOY!!!

    -Lord Steal-

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