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  • Member: dj_ultima_the_great
  • Title: Countdown to a Digital Destiny
  • Premiered: 2005-03-04
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    • Dance Dance Revolution Final Countdown (Crybaby Mix)
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  • Comments: My first anime music video. My eighth music video total.

    My inspiration for this music video was Christmas, to be honest. I'm a fairly anti-social person, so even though I've been a heavy computer user for many years now, I haven't made any online friends. Well, that changed in 2004 when I started my Side Characters Challenge thread on this site's forum. Oddly, this was also my very first post ever. It was there that I met a user named pinky (with a bunch of numbers after that which I have no intention of memorizing). She must have sensed my noobness, cuz she pounced on my thread like a cat on an unsuspecting mouse. Not being used to the treatment, I misinterpreted her bluntness as rudeness. However, I endeavored to be nice, and soon realized that she was quite kind as well. Maybe I'm mistaken, but I think the only reason she was so blunt at the time was to get me past that aforementioned noobness. Thus, I made my very first online friend. She introduced me heavily to her favorite anime: Digimon. So, since then, she's helped me get ahold of a few episodes to whet my tastes for what the series is like. By then it was getting near to Christmas, and I wanted to give her a gift for being so helpful and patient to me as I fumbled my way through online interactions and site regulations. I decided, since we met on a site for music videos, what better gift to give than an AMV? I got started on the project, and you can obviously see the results. So...

    About the song...the reasons I chose the DDR version of "Final Countdown" are numerous. First and foremost, it's short. Since I was only using the first episode of Digimon Frontier, I knew that I couldn't go terribly deep into plot or character relations. It just wasn't practical. So, while scrolling through my music, I happened upon the DDR tracks. Hey! Those are short AND they aren't deep either! They worked on that matter, but now I needed a good type. Therefore, the second reason I chose that song was because it was light and bouncy. While most DDR music DOES fit this category anyway, this one just stuck out because of how it was done. Okay, points one and two down. Now I just needed the song to fit. Thus, I chose "Final Countdown." What better piece to use than one that is about impending events and destiny? That fits the description of the premiere episode of Digimon Frontier wonderfully. So, a DDR song it was.

    About the video...since this was made from just one episode and the song didn't really demand a deeper level of thought, I figured it would be best to just go through the episode chronologically. I just wanted to tell the story of the first episode in a fun way, that's all. Nothing more, nothing less. Working with anime proved to be much easier than I thought when I got started. What initially worried me was the tendency to just have face shots the whole video. It's pretty boring and I've seen it done many times before. However, since I was going chronologically, that really does limit which clips I can use. So, I tried to keep my cuts relatively fast. The only clip I took out order, if memory serves, is the very last one - the one of the Digital device thinger (sorry, I don't remember what pinky called it, if she even told me.) I figured that it would make for the most appropriate ending clip.

    A few miscellany things...the video quality sucks. The audio quality isn't too hot either. I was also never planning on posting this, cuz at the time I was too dumb to understand the uploading process. So, you'll have to excuse me if I turn a deaf ear on the cries of outrage against my quality issues. This was meant merely as a short, sweet gift for a friend, and no one else. Would I ever remaster this video? No, likely not. Would I ever make another Digimon video? Probably, if I ever get the chance to see one or all of the seasons in their entirety. Will my videos ever get any better than this? A resounding yes to that one. There is still tons of potential improvement for me yet. Once I get my DVD drive and new program, expect a slew of improved videos to come from me - possibly even some remakes and remasters of my old videos. So, if this video doesn't quite trip your trigger, don't worry. This isn't the end of the road. I'll get better and I WILL impress people. Of course, it's important to know that I create videos for none other than myself. I make them because I enjoy making them. If I didn't, then pinky would have had a presentless Christmas last year.

    The moral of the story is this: if you like my video, then I'm flattered and I thank you. If not, then that's alright too. Everybody has their critics.

    If you leave an opinion, I promise to respond. No matter what you think, good or bad, tell me. Even if it is a nasty flame, at least I'm getting some honesty and I'll probably thank you anyway.

    Little Tech Notes...
    Program Used: Windows Movie Maker II
    Hours Spent: 5
    Date Completed: 12/25/04

    Scores I would give in a review...
    Originality: 7/10
    Capture/Output Quality: 5/10
    Sound Quality: 7/10
    Action/Editing Sync: 7/10
    Effort: 7/10
    Overall: 6/10
    Re-viewable: 3/10

    As always, Farewell, Good Luck, and Happy AMV-ing!

    - dj_ultima_the_great

    PS: since this IS for you in the first place, pinky, you know you're getting thanked, girl. *huggles and thankles* ^_^ *smooch* :D

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