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  • Member: Aria Mournesong
  • Title: Toonami Presents.... Naruto
  • Premiered: 2005-03-04
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    • Romeo Must die Trailer theme
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  • Comments: **Retired AMV, no more Ops Please**

    Primary Goal for this AMV: To show to people if they've ever been wondering "What is this Naruto anime thing?"

    I've been wanting to make a "Naruto for Dummies" AMV. It's purpose is mainly to show to people who've never seen Naruto or have a dial-up connection(since it's pretty small in size) among my friends and their friends. You guys get to DL it tooo since I'm hosting it here, rejoice!

    Then I saw the Sasuke May Die Trailer and heard the music and I hopped up and exclaimed... "This is it!"

    After working on it for a while ....and 8 versions later decided it'd be neat to format it as a Cartoon Network Trailer for Naruto on Toonami.
    Used the same Romeo May Die music and we have a few of the same clips. Basically putting it up
    on here since a few friends don't can't accept it on AIM ^_^.

    So enjoy "Naruto for Dummies" as I've codenamed it.

    Leave opinions if you want. Actually if your gonna Star-Rate it... LEAVE AN OPINION lol.

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