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  • Member: Iamshadowkiller
  • Studio: Shadowworld Productions
  • Title: We don't want to live forever
  • Premiered: not yet
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    • Queen Who Wants to Live Forever
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  • Comments: (I want to apologize folks....the first time I posted this video...i forgot to actually provide a link to it in my site...I really like to's just that the video had been uploaded...but for some reason I forgot, so sorry for the inconvinience:)

    To be honest, this is really an unexpected project. For a while I had been thinking of making another Finaly Fantasy video, with this song, however, I knew for a fact that there was to say the least, very many Final Fantasy videos as it was. So that idea got dropped for a while, I was working on making a remake of one of my first videos, when suddenly it hit me, before this, I really had not thought of any anime to which "who wants to live forever" would fit in the dramatic and sentimental way that I wanted it to. Then I saw Bloodlust, I honestly got the movie for the sole purpose of just watching it, not to make an amv out of it, but once I saw it about three times, I realized that the song I had wanted to use for so long, would fit here perfectly....and I mean that, for those of you that have seen any Vampire Hunter D movie will understand just what I mean once you hear the song, if you haven't already. For those who have not watched it, I tried to make this vid without giving too much of the plot & or storyline away, though I can't gurantee anything.

    and I say possible because in my opinion, they really are not, but everyone's opinion is different.

    Well, there's a little background info on the video. For a while now, I have been working hard to create the most sad, most dramatic and sentimental video possible and I came very close with my vid "What is it all for", but I don't think I have achieved my goal yet, so most likely for a while all my vids will fall under this specific category.......I got nothing against action/fun/comedy and other type of videos, some of my favorites fall in that category, but it is very rare for me to find a good sad video.......- I'm just a sentimental type of guy I guess.....don't ask.

    Reviews, opinions, suggestions will be greatly appreciated..........I will, if possible, return the favor ^_^

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