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  • Member: lucatheater99
  • Title: real Emotion( DJ MSK Remix)fan/re-make
  • Premiered: 2005-02-12
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    • Koda Kumi real Emotion DJ MSK REMIX
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  • Comments: *This is actually the 8th AMV dat i had made buh im saving my 7th AMV 4 a contest.

    This AMV has clips of the original music video with Koda Kumi in real Emotion and Final fantasy X-2 FMVs(this isn't da same as the orginal music video of real Emotion). *da japanese real emotion FMV was ripped from the Final Fantasy X-2 Anime DVD and the 1000 nokotoba was ripped from the game disc.

    the sequence i've re-arranged from the orginal music video and also followed along the motion capturing sequences for Yuna by Koda Kumi.

    The song dat runs droo da AMV is "real Emotion DJ MSK REMIX", which I pretty much enjoy. I dot dat since no 1 did any AMV with da real Emotion DJ REMIX wit a FFX-2 FMVs only, i dot i shood make 1. (but.....probably sum1 made 1 .......different.............well u'll never no unless u download dis vid!)

    Well, hopefully you will enjoy dis vid. thnx again 4 watchn my vids people! lookn 4ward 2 comments!

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