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  • Member: StudioKZ
  • Studio: Studio KZ
  • Title: Fuel
  • Premiered: 2000-09-02
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    • Metallica Fuel (S&M Version)
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  • Comments: This was my second video ever and the first one that I'd actually planned out before I sat down to edit it.

    This was a video that just seemed perfect except for thirty seconds right in the middle of it. Nothing that I put in those thirty seconds seemed to help at all, and over all the lack of focus really detracted from the video.

    There were alot of edits that were virtually unnoticible and people repeatedly told me I needed more, but the longest single scene, aside from the opening guitar riff, was no more than seven seconds, and many of the 'run on' scenes were either considerably shortened by use of creative edit(I was using Avid Cinema at the time, it doesn't let you change the speed of the clip), which again, was unnoticible..I know where it is, and I can't tell what I cut out, or they were clips of scenes that were non-sequential in the original Anime, and therefore just appear to be long and dragged out. Of course, that's props to my editing, but seriously affects what people think while they're actually watching the video.

    An Amusing note about the video, more than one person that I showed it to complained of motion sickness after it was over. It is a very Fast paced video, but it's more like driving 90 down a long, straight stretch of Country interstate than doing 75 through mid-town.

    Over all, this video took anywhere from two to four months to actually complete, and I'm still not happy with it. I started on May 9, 2000, after I spent a few days getting the hang of the capture process, the Edit process and everything else involved in using the system. The final version is dated September 2, 2000.

    One thing I tried to avoid, which may have really detracted from the video, was using scenes that have been used in other BGC videos, and even then I think I still let a few through. Despite being, or atleast seeming to be one really long drawn out sequence at the beginning, I am very happy with the way that worked out. Alot of people suggested I use the Reload version of Fuel instead of the S&M, but the opening guitar riff from S&M sounds like an engine going through its paces.

    Not only that, but it sounds almost exactly like the engine sounds in that particular sequence in the Anime, so it synced up nearly perfectly, imo. There are several sequences where people have said I need to add some cuts or something to match the beats, but I felt that making events on the screen match the beats was more effective in this video.


    The downloadable format that this is available in is *not* optimal... it's not even very good. Unfortunately, at the time that I created this, I was still using Avid Cinema, which has its own way of doing things, and no flexibility. The resulting file is an Apple Quicktime 3.0 format file using the Cinepak codec and running at 15 fps. ... ugh.. not gonna get high marks on that one. I lost the original master to this, so unless I recreate it, this is as good as it's going to get.


    Download it anyway... Please? ^_^

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