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  • Member: trythil
  • Title: urban suite
  • Premiered: 2005-03-12
  • Categories:
    • Instrumental
    • Other
  • Songs:
    • Ryoji Ikeda C1:: check
    • Ryoji Ikeda C2:: cacoepy
    • Ryoji Ikeda C3:: circuit
    • Ryoji Ikeda C4:: contexture
    • Ryoji Ikeda C8:: can(n)on
    • Ryoji Ikeda C9:: cadenza
  • Anime:
  • Participation:
    • Anime Central '05 AMV Contest, Anime Central '05 AMV Contest (2005-05-13)
    • Anime Evolution 2005, Anime Evolution 2005 (2005-08-19)
  • Comments: [announcement thread:]

    urban suite
    video: boogiepop phantom, original animation
    audio: ryoji ikeda - various selections from 0 degrees c; remixed by t.


    software: cinelerra 1.2.2, blender 2.36, transcode 0.6.11, premiere pro, gimp 2.0.4, avisynth 2.55, virtualdubmod
    hardware: athlon 64 3400+, pentium iv mobile 1.7 ghz, sony digital handycam dcr-trv340, jvc av-32d201 32" tv


    ⇒ a girl's death in five parts
    additional notes here


    thanks to: absolutedestiny, quadir, scintilla, pwolfamv, kalium, jonmartensen, atomx, badmartialarts, illia sadri.
    additional thanks to: amvfreak, for correcting my terrible japanese :)
    (死前 in scene 004 should be 死の前日; this will be fixed in the direct-linked copy soon)


    the local download will not play correctly in windows media player, as windows media player cannot handle playback of video files using 256kbps constant bitrate mp3 audio streams. simply adjust the seek bar a bit -- it will play correctly then.

    [EDIT -- do not download the direct -linked version until further notice...I have made some serious encoding errors in it. I'll update it in a bit.]

    I do not, and cannot, claim any ownership to this AMV. However, I encourage anyone who might be interested in redistributing, reworking, or really doing whatever to this video to do so. I won't do anything.

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