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  • Member: JessyChan
  • Studio: Windows Movie maker 2
  • Title: Yearbook
  • Premiered: 2005-02-18
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  • Song:
    • Hanson Yearbook
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  • Comments: This took about 2 hours, NOT my best work...
    It's based off a song I always took seriously, even when I was depressed.
    The song is, "Yearbook" by Hanson.
    Originally, the inspiration for this video came one night I had a dream, that I went missing..
    And everyone didn't know..they tried to remember, but they couldn't...even though my face was on the news.
    It was weird.
    But point being, I thought of Kingdom Hearts...and I decided to represent my dream in this, using random things(Kingdom Hearts, Cardcaptor Sakura, even Naruto!)
    And somehow, it came out strangely unique... I like it, but I fear many won't.
    But hey, it's up to you guys.

    Extras: Most of the clips aren't mine, credit is due to others, not myself for the quality.
    The only clips that are mine is the CCS clips.
    The human pics, which are of the girl...the girl is me... who is supposedly representing Sora.
    So when you see this video think..
    "Sora=creator... Sora=missing...Riku=trying to remember Sora/find him"
    Yeah, confusing but hey. x.x I tried... Windows Movie Maker 2 to the max...ehehe.. --sweadrop.--
    Please at least try though!

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