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  • Member: ali_catalonia
  • Title: Freedom Is A Good Feeling
  • Premiered: 2005-02-25
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    • Nina Simone Feeling Good
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  • Comments: I thought this song was particularly well fitted to Final Fantasy X.

    "It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me."

    The application of this phrase to FFX threefold:

    1. When Tidus first arrives in Spira. He starts a whole new life as a guardian even though he knows so very little about the new world he's been brought into. He has no restraints or responsibilities, and chooses the path of a guardian purely because he wants to.

    2. When Yuna becomes a summoner. It's the start of a new journey for her - the start of her life as a summoner. Even though she may not he happy all the time, she is certainly happier to have Tidus along with her.

    3. The defeat of Sin. Need I say more? All of Spira are now free from living a life in fear of Sin. They can start to build their homes and lives anew, and it's all thanks to the summoner.

    I also thought that some of the lyrics applied to various specific scenes in the game, especially when Yuna performs a sending in Kilika. It seems to introduce the seriousness of the Summoners task, and shows the extent to which the threat of Sin reaches.

    I really enjoyed making this video. Despite all of what's written above, I also happen to love Jazz and this song is absolutely brilliant to listen to.


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