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  • Member: Gret
  • Title: Tra~La~La
  • Premiered: 2005-02-13
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    • Gunther and the Sunshine Girls Ding Dong Song
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  • Comments: Made with Final Cut Pro and some Photoshop editting... about 2 weeks of using up good class time to make silly smut like this. And, yes, I turned a copy in to my professor just out of pure amusement.

    Hehehe I feel guilty for making this video. :P I wanted to take advantage of the over-the-top eyecandy provided by Akio and Touga during the 2nd half of the Utena series. I told a friend my plans for the footage and he suggested Gunther's "Ding Dong Song". If you've seen the series you can appreciate inside jokes far more but I hope it is entertaining even if you haven't seen Utena. Shame on me for putting the Nemuro hands to such a naughty use.

    I feel I must point out that I really don't care for the Akio/Touga pairing for anything but pure humor. I am a female and I do like slash pairings, but my God, it's just so stupidly over-the-top.... I love it. ^o^ Well, I hope you enjoy. ^^

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