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  • Member: Juzu
  • Studio: FoxWorm Studios
  • Title: Mortal Kombat vs. Tenjou Tenge
  • Premiered: 2005-02-23
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    • Mortal Kombat Theme
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  • Comments: Okay its finally done, my 3rd amv and it tooked so long time to get time to this amv and im so reveild to get this in here but i reallyt enjoyed to make it.

    Info about this amv:


    Well i was searching a good song to my next amv and i found the Mortal Kombat Theme in my computer and i thinked "whoa! i must make an fighting amv with this song" and now i have done it ^^


    I just love Tenjou Tenge especially all the figthing parts of the serie. When i started to think what anime shall i use with my next amv, only serie with pop in my mind was Tenjou Tenge and then i know that i must combine Tenjou Tenge and Mortal Kombat Theme together.


    Okay i know that the title sucks but i didn`t get better title my video and almost 1 hour thinking i decided that this Mortal Kombat vs. Tenjou Tenge was the best title to this vid.

    I think that this is my best vid ever and i used much much more time than in my 2 other videos. I was making this vid about 1-2 weeks(im really slow making amv ^^) but it was worth it.
    And thanks to my good friend Keeso who inspired me to do this amv, so thanks to him ^^

    Programs that were used in this amv:

    Adope Premier Pro
    Adope Photoshop 7

    And op are always welcome! ^^

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