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  • Member: JCD
  • Studio: Anime Corp
  • Title: Du bist Ich (You are Me)
  • Premiered: 2002-02-19
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  • Song:
    • Die Toten Hosen Mensch
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  • Comments: Here this is one of my best Videos up to date, I think the text matches wonderful to the Anime, it shows that the friends Tetsuo and the other guy in their situation are biggest enemys. Sorry, it's a German song, but I guess that isn't a big problem.
    As I heard the song the first time, I firstly thougt about Akira. The lyrics matched so wonderful, after hearing the song I went to my PC and started making the vid. I didn't use effects except transistions and transparency, because in the vid the lyrics had to match more than the music ;-). I edited it in 2 days, but these days I made nothing else than editing -_-. In the time I made it it was my best vid, but today I let the people decide.
    I've translated the lyrics (in a terrible way) for those who don't understand german ^^.


    Die Toten Hosen - Mensch

    You ask me how my name is,
    because you think you don't know me.
    Let me tell some things about you,
    then you know who I am.
    I have many faces,
    and I understand you well.

    I'm your best friend,
    and I'm you biggest enemy.
    I'm holding a dagger,
    and a kiss for you prepared.
    I'm offering you a chain,
    and a rope around your neck.

    (Bridge 1)
    I am good and I am evil,
    I am love and I am hate!
    I am true and I lie,
    how it matches to me!
    You can't trust me,
    and on that you can rely!

    I'm always searching,
    but I don't know for what.
    Always on the run,
    and always on the hunt.
    I have the courage,
    that comes and confrontates you,
    I am winner and I am loser,
    for eternity!

    My name is human,
    I know that you know me,
    I am you, you are me,
    My name is human!

    I'm speaking about feelings,
    and am using my understanding.
    Am explaining myself for healed,
    and making myself sick.
    I want to control everything,
    and am suffocaiting on it.

    (Bridge 2)
    My hands are full of blood,
    and my heart is full of gold!
    I'm disforcing the laws,
    and am making the religion!
    I am my own king,
    and the earth is my throne!

    I'm adding me to light,
    am addicated to the moon,
    am spinning in a circle,
    and am thinking it goes forward.
    I am living and I am dying,
    in the same breach,
    I am body and am ghost,
    I am chosen!



    My name is human!
    I know that you know me!
    I am you, you are me,
    Only a human!

    (Background) Only a human! (6 times)


    The file is aviable in KaZaA, just type "Du bist Ich" and my nickname, then you should find it. I'm online in the evening, for you US-folks that's morning or lunch-time :D.
    The file is a MPEG in PAL-VCD format (1150 kbps, 352 x 288, 42 MB)

    Programs used:
    Adobe Premiere 6.0
    Paint Shop Pro 5

    When you've clicked on the indirect link, just left-click afterwards on "High Quality 2 (direkt)" and you'll get it.

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