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  • Member: FraChan
  • Title: Naruto Heroes Return
  • Premiered: 2005-02-18
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    • Hammerfall Heroes Return
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  • Comments: My first video , where it all started! lol.
    I made it on February 2005, when one my friend sent me this song (Heroes Return by Hammerfall) and the first 20-30 seconds of it inspired me, so I took Windows Movie Maker and I made something. (in only 4 hours..)
    It's not avaiable right now, but it was really a bad video (bad synch, video quality , subs etc) but I'm planning a remastered version for it! ( but I edit on it only when I'm bored, so It might take a lot of time before be completed)

    The video hasn't a good theme, just action and drama sequences of the Ninjas (the "Heroes" of the song) of the anime.

    When the remastered version is finished I'll post on my journal
    'Till that, stay tuned.

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