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  • Member: ewokmaster
  • Title: Lupin's Skatastrophe
  • Premiered: 2005-02-15
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    • Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra Lupin the Third
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  • Comments: Well, I started this video more as a fun diversion from the roadblock I ran into with my Rubberband Man video for One Piece (Don't'll get done.). Anyway, once I decided that it was good enough to go forward with, I thought of it as more of an alternate show intro. So, Lupin's Skatastrophe was born (I figured, being a fan of the Americanization of the show, I would keep with the pun titles.) So, to keep it like a show intro and to save me time, I shortened the song to around 50 odd seconds. The song is a ska version of the main Lupin title theme, and it's a very good song at least in my opinion. If you've seen any of my other music videos, you will notice that the video quality is much improved in these. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the vid as much as I enjoyed making it. Plus, it's a sacrifice to the cow god of my people.

    Creator's Favorite Part:
    My "A Mike Elsner Production" intro. I like it so much, that I might just put it before every video from now on.

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