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  • Member: Lockstock
  • Studio: Epical Studios
  • Title: Still Waiting ReRelease
  • Premiered: 2005-02-13
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  • Song:
    • Sum 41 Still Waiting
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    This might not have required a "New Video" entry however I felt that it was required. I have re-encoded my Still Waiting AMV that was made about a year ago. I have increased the Video and Audio quality of the AMV and I have also included the Epical Studio marks seeing as this AMV is now a part of this studio seeing as Nkode no longer exists....

    This is the first chapter of my Naruto AMVs that was made using episodes 1-40

    It is still a great AMV that I have received a lot of great feedback from so don't hesitate downloading it just because it's a ReRelease.

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