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  • Member: Lockstock
  • Studio: Epical Studios
  • Title: This Times For Real
  • Premiered: 2005-02-13
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    • ill nino This Times For Real
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    This is the Second Chapter in my series of Naruto AMVs. The first one was made using the first 40 episodes of naruto, which led to this one being made from the 40 following that. will there be a third? I haven't decided yet. I had wanted to make an AMV to an Illnino song for quite a while and finally I made a decision to go with this idea for a serious, action AMV to the song titled "This Times For Real" from their second album "Confession". I felt that with this song I could produce an action AMV to the more serious side of Naruto consisting of many of the sub characters and even Naruto's strugle with the Nine-Tails Fox. I tried to put in a lot more of the fighting scenes in this AMV rather then the first chapter, which was more done on facial expressions, overviews, etc. This AMV was entered in the AVcon AMV competition along with my "Without Wings" and "Rescue Me" AMVs. I received quite a lot of good feedback from people for it. Anyway, thats about all I had to say about it, go watch it and enjoy...

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