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  • Member: Eek-1
  • Studio: Insomnia Studios (
  • Title: Appleseed 2004.Movie Soundtrack
  • Premiered: 2005-02-09
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    • Within Temptation Stand My Ground
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  • Comments: A slow-paced action / drama AMV that centres on Deunan, a female soldier who fights her bravest to save the city from total destruction.

    Awarded "Best Action" at Angel Music Video Awards.

    Watch the video first, then you can read the rest.

    The reason why it had to be a slow-paced action is because I was partially influenced by the original music video. It was quite hard to edit. A lot of time were wasted on the chorus parts. I did what I thought would look best to mesh it all, but after reviewing the final draft a couple hundred times, I thought it had (the least) awful action-synch, particularly the final two choruses; I could've done better. -__-

    Originally, I wanted a different ending where Deunan is surrounded by the enemy soldiers and she is holding an item that relates to a former scene in the video, thus explain her origin. But I couldn't fill in the last 44 seconds in the timeline because I was lacking ideas. Perhaps I was tired.

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