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  • Member: RealEmotionX
  • Studio: terra nova studios
  • Title: eternity a promise that spans the ages
  • Premiered: 2005-02-08
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  • Song:
    • hilary duff Come Clean
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  • Comments: This is my legondary lost AMV, and it would be my offical FIRST COMPLETED ONE, I used Adobe Preimere which caused problems with the finished product , I finnaly converted the file to MPEG then once again into the easy to read WMV. This video isnt that flashy with specal effects, no fancy transitons, or video effects. just bared down video clips. all video clips are credited to, which recently shut down so I saw fit to submit this AMV, which is also in my opinion my best.

    Yuna and Tidus
    Len and Shyuin

    Two couples with almost identical lives and looks

    yuna the famous surviing Highsummoner
    len the famous songstess and summoner

    tidus famous blitzer and Gaurdian
    Shyuin lover who was prepaired to give his life much like tidus did

    this video details them and their romance, linking together spheres, a concert, events, and even yuna's dreams

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