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  • Member: Ravyn89
  • Title: It's Sesshomaru: Tribute to Rin
  • Premiered: 2004-02-06
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    • Michelle Branch It's You
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  • Comments: So my friend thinks this is my best AMV so far. Surprisingly enough I only spent an hour and a half actually making the AMV. Now it took me fourty minutes to time the music so I could make it and four hours to get pictures. Plus for five days I wasn't even working on AMV's so I was just thinking about them. I really didn't feel like having to find pictures. That's the hardest and most boring part.

    Anyways I'm really sorry to say but this was made with PhotoStory3 because I didn't feel like downloading Microsoft Movie Maker and I don't have DVD's. So I've been working with what I have. And you know, there are some AMV's out there that I've seen that would probably be better off as a picture slide show.

    Also there's one line from this song that makes you think that this is a romantic AMV. One, Rin is like 6 years old and Sesshomaru is around 100. Do you really think they would ever get together? Two, Sesshomaru doesn't even think about Rin in that way. Three, I am not a Rin/Sesshomaru fan. This AMV was just to show how much Rin appreciates Sesshomaru's presence. It kind of goes with her wish that she could stay with Sesshomaru forever.

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