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  • Member: Bote
  • Title: Adrenaline Junkies
  • Premiered: 2005-02-06
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  • Song:
    • Rancid Out Of Control
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  • Comments: Note: For a better viewing experience move a few feet away from the screen. It's filled with explosion and gun shots so you might get lost and miss something :P.

    Quick description: Fast-paced, adrenaline packed vid with a crazy song.

    Random babble: "Out of control" rocks! Easily the best song on the NFS: Underground soundtrack and the best Rancid's song as well. All their other songs are "meh". Before I started working on the vid there were no videos listed using this song. FLCL isn't really the show I liked, but once you put it on mute the show isn't bad at all :P. Seriously, it's great AMV material and I knew that eventually I too would use it. As soon as I got my hands on the DVD's I started working on this combination since there were plenty scenes that fit in perfectly. I always try to produce something different with my every new vid so yeah it can be said that this is quite different from my other works.
    Working on this one was quite relaxing and gave me positive vibes ;). This time I haven't worked long (18 days), but I still spent several hours every day. In the last 2 days I worked almost whole night long.

    The vid: Why "Adrenaline Junkies"? Cause it sounds cool. That's pretty much the perfect description for the crazy FLCL crew. There really isn't anything special about this vid that'd make it stand out from an already huge pile of similar vids except maybe speed and sync. The timing itself really wasn't that hard since these types of vids are rather easy for me to do (I have more trouble when I want to edit comedy than action lol). Nothing special in editing techniques either: flashes, fast fades, fast cuts, motion, blur, overlays...classic. When you have a song like this (fast punk/rock) there really isn't anything more you can do. It'd just be overkill IMO.

    Techiciality: Almost nothing technical about this vid. The only troublesome thing was, like the last 2 times, compression -_-. Geez, I don't know wtf is wrong with this new Xvid, but whenever I try to compress a vid that has a lot of things going on, it gives me ridiculous First Pass bitrates like 5000 or 6000. That's only in certain areas of course, but the end result ain't pleasant at all. This is a 1:50 minutes long vid and yet the first pass is 50 MB's. It's getting pretty frustrating if you ask me.

    Programs used: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere.
    Codec: Xvid 1.01 (DX50)
    Resolution: 512X384
    FPS: 24
    Lenght: 1:50
    Filesize: 40 MB's

    Special thanks to CracktSmurf for telling me about the song in the first place. Enjoy.


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