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  • Member: Ray Stanz
  • Studio: Games AMV Faction
  • Title: Racoon city where I belong
  • Premiered: 2005-02-04
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  • Song:
    • Linkin Park Somewhere I Belong
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  • Comments: Resident Evil rules too!!!

    Iīve started making this video in the end of 2001 when I finished 50% of my Zelda Papercut Video. While making my first music video with resident evil I used some technichs of my older videos like switching the scene at every drumbeat. But I also used a new technich that I didnīt think of in my earlier videos: First I choosed the scenes and entered than at the places where I wanted them to see, 2nd I rendered the whole video and watched it to look for what parts of the song I wanted to synch to.

    0:00 - 0:12
    I had many ideas of what effects I should use to synch to which instrument and the beginning was easy: fading like the backward playing guitar, switching at the first beats... it was easy untill the bass started playing in the background... That was the very first problem in my video because I wanted to synch to it. But nothing worked:
    Scene switching-> too fast
    Scene fading -> just sucked because itīs too confusing
    switching the scenes at some bass sounds -> will not be recognised
    letting some colored stripes fade like the bass is making them -> doesnīt look like resident evil because itīs too kiddy
    in the end I decided not to synch this bass sounds because it all just looked bad.

    00:12 - 00:20
    When the bass and the e-guitar started I switched the scenes just at every main drum beat and sometimes in the middle of it but with switching the view of the scene. I synched the first scratch with too fades 1st: a black screen to the normal scene and then a white to the normal scene. I did so in the second scratch later in this littele part of the song.

    00:20 - 00:23
    In this part I showed the bomb from the the Hospital in RE3 with the name nemesis fading from red background to black. I decided to synch only to the guitar because it should buld some suspense that would let the next scen blow in like a bomb.

    00:23 - 00:36
    In this part I used black pictures to synch to the drums hitting the same thing every time, white pictures to switch the scene at the high drums and I inverted the scene to figure out the different drums from the other.

    00:36 - 00-39
    In this part I faded the scene to a sound that has to be heared to for two times because the most people see what I synched in this scene but I decided to let the scene like thsi because it should make the video more interesting in itīs way of how it was made.

    00:39 - 01:03
    The first thing I did was switching the scenes at the normal beats and with a white "switch pic" to fit the high drums again. When I heared Chester singing in the background while Mike sings the main parts of the song I decided to divide this in the way the video is made like. Mikes parts: Switching and flashing the scene. Chesters parts: Letting some elemts of the scene look more important to fit the sounds and fixing some main characters with stipes beside him to also fit the lyrics.

    01:03 - 01:05
    Switching the scenes that show zombies to scenes that show the police to make a little contrast between them and making them collide because of the drum beat.

    01:05 - 01:25
    For this part I synched like in the first chorus to divide a new part of the song I mean I wanted to make the chorus scenes in a action look and the normal text parts in a slower way to make a split of this elements that almost all songs have. I decided to show wounded and diing people of both sides (man and zombie) to fit the "I wanna heal!" and "...thougt was never real" and the rest of the lyrics.

    01:25 - 01:29
    When Chesters saies the "all along" I showed the destruction to fit the scene with the lyrics and in the following drum part I showed some Zombies searching for a place where they belong but finding nothing.

    01:29 - 01:50
    I made this part of the song like in the first text to divide chorus and text. The beginning of this scene shows a happy Jill looking up to heaven and a helicopter rising and then: Nemesis intrudes and the good time is over like in the lyrics when Mike saies "...that itīs not the way I had imagined it all in my mind" and a almost sad Jill doesnīt want to see the scene saying "oh no".

    01:50 - 01:52
    This was a part I synched with white pics fom Leon to Tyrant and Tyrant to Leon.

    01:52 - 02:14
    This part was edited like the other chorus.

    02:14 - 02:16
    I did a scene switch in this part that should look like the first scene is pushing the frames of the next scene.

    02:16 - 02:29
    This is one of my most famous parts in the song so I did what I could and more to make the scene look like I wanted it to be. After testing many ways of how the scene could be look like I decided to make whit pics switch the hard beats and a normal scene switch to synch the guitar because it was the only way that made the scene blow up like I wanted it to be.

    02:29 - 02:31
    This is my most impotant part of this text because Chester intentionally sings the "...never be!!" in a special way and the guitar also plays long, loud and high. So I decided to show William injecting the G-Virus himself and fading to a white screen.

    02:31 - 02:40
    This part was like the part before with the "blow-blow^dggggg" but I wanted to go to a point where the scene could so somebody alone.

    02:40 - 02:42
    The man from the alpha team is alone and moves as the object ofthe scene I coulnīt find a better way to fit this with the guitar playing and Chester singing "way" extra long.

    02:42 - 02:46
    This is a part where I again switched contrasting scenes like the drums.

    02:46 - 03:08
    The chorus is like this part but I had an idea when Mike saied: "erase all the pain til itīs gone" I thought of the part an exra time because it wasnīt easy to find a scene that would look good in combination with the text. But then I found a scene that was in the way I wanted it to look like. I decided to show the helicopter crashing in the Zombies and exploding beacuse Mike saies the "erase all the pain til itīs gone" in a hard and cold way. The Zombies eating the officer should symbolise the pain in this scene and the final explosion was the "erase" and "gone" of this little text part.

    03:08 - 03:09
    I made this part in way like when the hospital bomb was synched to the guitar but this time there should be a standing scene but hard hitting drums.

    03:09 - 03:19
    In this part I flashed whit at every long hi-hat and than I switched the scenes to the drum beat.

    03:19 - 03:32
    This was the final part where I decided to switch extra fast and the hitting same beat that enters 3 times in the end of this song was the only scene that I fixed characters on in a slower way and in the very end you can see the hlicopter flying away from Racoon city... our hearts go to these poor zivilians...

    I put very mutch effort on making this video and I think that can be seen very good.

    Lyrics: Linkin Park Somewhere I belong

    When this began
    I had nothing to say
    And I'd get lost in the nothingness inside of me
    I was confused
    And I let it all out to find/That I'm
    Not the only person with these things in mind
    Inside of me
    But all the vacancy the words revealed
    Is the only real thing that I've got left to feel
    Nothing to lose
    Just stuck/Hollow and alone
    And the fault is my own
    And the fault is my own

    I want to heal
    I want to feel
    What I thought was never real
    I want to let go of the pain I've held so long
    [Erase all the pain 'til it's gone]
    It's gone]
    I want to heal
    I want to feel
    Like I'm close to something real
    I want to find something I've wanted all along
    Somewhere I Belong

    And I've got nothing to say
    I can't believe I didn't fall right down on my face
    I was confused
    Looking everywhere/Only to fin that it's
    Not the way I had imagined it all in my mind
    So what am I
    What do I have but negativity
    'Cause I can't justify the
    Way everyone is looking at me
    Nothing to lose
    Nothing to gain/Hollow and alone
    And the fault is my own
    The fault is my own


    I will never know
    Myself until I do this on my own
    And I will never feel
    Anything else until my wounds are healed
    I will never be
    Anything 'til I break away from me
    And I will break away
    I'll find myself today

    I want to heal
    I want to feel like I'm
    Somewhere I belong

    Work time : ca 42 hours

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